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Let us help you maintain safety and security! We provide armed and unarmed guards for all of your security needs.

US Blue Raven Services. Your Nation Wide Extradition and Security Contract Experts
US Blue Raven Services. Your Nation Wide Extradition and Security Contract Experts
security services

We Provide Security Contracts to Meet all of Your Needs

We are Currently Licensed in Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi & Tennessee for all Security & Private Investigations Contracts.




Armed Guards




Unarmed Guards

US Blue Raven Services. Your Nation Wide Extradition and Security Contract Experts

What kind of security do you need?

Check out these frequently asked questions about Security Guards.

What are the different types of Security Guards Available for hire?2024-01-02T22:59:54+00:00

We Provide Private security detail for:

  • HOA Communities
  • Private Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Corporate Events
  • Concert Events
  • Individuals Including
    • Government Officials
    • Celebrities 
    • Minors
    • Offenders (See Extradition Services)
When do I require an unarmed security guard?2024-01-02T23:01:42+00:00

Unarmed security guards are trained to handle security concerns without carrying firearms like: monitoring access points, conducting patrols, and responding to incidents using non-lethal methods.

When do I require an armed security guard?2024-01-02T23:02:14+00:00

Armed security guards are trained to carry firearms and use them if necessary in high-risk environments where an increased level of protection is required.

What is a Corporate Security Guard?2024-01-02T23:04:13+00:00

Corporate security guards protect your businesses, the premises, employees, and assets. Our guards are trained to monitor access, conduct security checks, and respond to emergencies.

What is a Retail Security Guard?2024-01-02T23:05:09+00:00

Our retail security guards work in stores and shopping centers to prevent theft, vandalism, and other criminal activities. They may also assist with crowd control during busy periods.

Need Event Security Guards?2024-01-02T23:06:08+00:00

We are a trusted source of security guards for concerts, sports events, conferences, and other gatherings to ensure the safety of attendees. They are trained to manage crowd control, check credentials, and respond to any security issues.

What are Residential Security Guards?2024-01-02T23:06:57+00:00

We train our residential security guards to protect residential areas including: HOA and gated communities and private estates. They will be there to maintain the safety of your home and estate by monitoring access, patrolling the premises, and responding with the utmost professionalism to all security threats.

Hiring Airport Security Guards?2024-01-02T23:07:47+00:00

Our airport security guards work in and around airports to ensure the safety of passengers, staff, and airport facilities. They are trained to conduct security screenings, monitor surveillance cameras, and respond to incidents and emergencies of all kinds.

What are Government Security Guards?2024-01-02T23:08:33+00:00

These highly trained government security guards protect government facilities, offices, and officials. Whatever is needed, they have the knowledge to enforce security protocols, monitor surveillance systems, and respond to security threats and incidents.

Do you need Mobile Patrol Guards?2024-01-02T23:09:36+00:00

Mobile patrol guards use vehicles to conduct security patrols across a designated area. They are often employed in larger properties, industrial areas, or places where a constant on-the-move presence is required. 

Special Agents Duane Clark & John Crittenden on Security Detail for John Ashcroft
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“It’s more important now than ever to help individuals feel strong, safe and secure. It is our pleasure to assist in making this dream a reality.”

Duane Clark, Founder

Explore Our Track Record
Explore Our Track Record

All of your security
needs in one place.

All of your security needs in one place.

From local security solutions to global extradition services, US Blue Raven is your one-stop destination for all your security needs. Our extensive network of agents, teams, and contracts ensures comprehensive coverage wherever you require it. Our longstanding relationships with satisfied clients speak volumes about our commitment to excellence.

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